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113 cherry bomb

Cherry Bomb


The cherry bomb, also known as a Globe salute, is a small explosive or firework used for entertainment purposes. A typical cherry bomb was of spherical shape, and contained a small explosive composed of several different materials ranging from flash powder to black powder. The explosive was enclosed in a small paper cup surrounded by sawdust fused with a mild adhesive. A small hole was drilled allowing for the insertion of a fuse. When ignited, the fuse would travel down into the explosive powder, initiating the explosion. Due to its ability to inflict bodily harm, the cherry bomb was deemed illegal by the United States government in 1996.


In Ragtime, a large profit of Father’s company came from the production and distribution of fireworks. In Father’s absence, mother’s younger brother engulfed himself in work, and agonized over the creation of a more powerful firecracker. This Lead to the creation of a cherry bomb, a modified firecracker that produced a louder blast, with greater concussive force. Father’s initial hesitance soon fled when he realized the potential revenue of this new creation.

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