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043 Young Girls Sold into Slavery

In Ragtime, Evelyn had encountered a  little girl, Sha tide to her father Tateh with a rope. Shocked, she asked why. “The rich lady may not be aware that young girls in the slums are stolen everyday from their parents and sold into slavery.” Forms of child labor and child slavery have sadly existed throughout American History. These children would be sold into slavery and worked in a large number of mines, textiles, agriculture, and factories. Children slaves were on high demand because they were cheap, more manageable and less likely to strike. Child labor began to decline in the early decades of the twentieth century, and reform movements grew while labor standards in general began improving. Some of these children were scared for life, and while they wanted to go to school and learn their “ABC’s”, they could not because they were forced to work.

In September of 2008, the “The Sunday Times” issued an article about, “Children sold into slavery for punishing life in the circus”, by Rhys Blakely in Bombay. This article is proof that even now in present day there are Children out in the world being sold into slavery. In this case, a payment of £10 is set for girls to be sent to the Circus to be abused, raped and maltreated. More than 500 Nepalese children have been sold into slavery to Indian circuses over the past year.


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