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Home Ragtime Articles of Interest 271 40-Room Newport Mansion of Mrs. Fish

271 40-Room Newport Mansion of Mrs. Fish

Mrs. Stuyvesant “Mamie” Fish, born Marian Graves Anthon, was known as one of Newport’s largest social queens. She was married to Mr. Stuyvesant Fish who was the President of the Illinois Central Railroad. After the death of Mrs. Astor, Mamie was at the top of the social society in Newport. In addition to her massive town house at 25 East 78th Street in New York and Glenclyffe, a country home at “Garrison-on-Hudson,” she had a very large Newport cottage named Crossways. Every summer she would host a spectacular ball in this cottage. (1)


To the left is the NYC town house. On the right is Glenclyffe.

This is Crossways Mansion in Newport, RI.

Good view of back yard when scrolling down (picture could not be removed).







Crossways is a Colonial Revival mansion which comes out of the Gilded Age. It was designed primarily by Mr. Fish himself, but with considerable architectural help from Dudley Newton, a prominent Newport architect in that time. The mansion sits back from the road, Ocean ave, and has a landscaped circle in front of the house. Although no proof could be found that Stoney Creek Granite was used in the construction of Crossways, it does appear that granite was used in the back yard landscaping. (2)

A real life tie-in to the novel is that J.P. Morgan was invited and attended a dinner and ball in the honor of Grand Duke Boris Vladimirovich of Russia (Czar Nicholas II of Russia’s first cousin).






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