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155 Nubian Princess

In chapter 21, signs of ancient Egyptian culture grow quite popular during the Progressive Era. The father in the chapter begins to find them repulsive while it intrigues the little boy. The little boy has been intrigued with the black woman in the attic and in his quiet secret games incorporated her as a Nubian princess now captured for a slave. It just goes into further detail of the summary of a black man showing up to their house, later on impressing them with his piano skills and capturing the heart of Sarah.

In Ragtime, a Nubian Princess was used as a saying or gesture because the little boy was infatuated with black people and wanted to learn more. The meaning of a Nubian Princess or Queen is referred to a queen or princess of the land of Nubia, which was a country near Egypt in Ancient times. This just goes back to the relationship that Morgan had between his loves for Egypt. With his perspective of Egypt on his mind, grew to a bigger experience and phenomenon to its culture . Throughout his whole life he dedicated himself to the history and culture of Egypt.  As he became older he became more intrigued on their way of life and art. His love and passion for Egypt brought a desire to him wanting to learn more. He was able to travel and experience these moments throughout his life, discovering different  historical monuments in Egypt.

Nubian PrincessAdditonial information about a Nubian Princess or Queen is that they were looked upon as gods to their people. They had a great signifiance and impact to their tribes back then. With close examination of the history and culture of Nubia, it becomes apparent that women played an important role. Unlike the rest of the world at the time, women in Nubia exercised significant control. In the Nubian valley, worship of the queen of all goddesses, Isis, was paramount. From the capital of Meroe, warrior queens fought for the interests of the Nubian/Kushite Empire. Throughout history, women were portrayed in Nubian art as the bearers of the offspring of the gods. Today, Nubian women have a much different experience. Nevertheless, Nubian women fulfill a demanding and unique series of roles.

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