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Home How to Submit a Ragtime Article

How to submit a Ragtime article

How to submit your Ragtime articles for QU201. Login required.

  1. Login
  2. From the User Menu, click Submit an Article (registered authors only)
  3. Create a Title - It should be just as it appears in the list, i.e., 5 White, Stanford
  4. Enter some quick temporary text into the "story" box. You will go back and change this later.
  5. Scroll down to select Section = Ragtime
  6. Select Category = Ragtime Articles of Interest.
  7. Published = YES
  8. Show on front page = NO
  9. Author Alias - Your name as it will appear on the article. Please include your name and section - 06 or 16.
  10. Hit SAVE  to Reserve your topic and return later. (skip to #10)
     -- orHit APPLY  to save and continue Editing. (You must either Save or Apply every 30 minutes or less to avoid timing out.)
  11. To continue after SAVE.
    - Locate your article by clicking on the menu Ragtime, Articles of Interest.
    - Scroll down to find your article.
    - Click on the Pencil icon to edit.
  12. Description - create a concise description of your article. Sentence form - this will be seen by readers who will decide whether they want to click on your story or not. Be sure to include all important key phrases in your description. You can come back later and update this as desired.
    Keep a copy of these offline for future reference.
  13. Hit SAVE (or APPLY) AGAIN
  14. Keywords - list all key phrases relevant to your article, separated by commas.
    Be specfic about any subject areas, countries, islands, people, etc. appearing in your article. You can come back later and update this as desired. Keep a copy of these offline for future reference.
  15. Hit SAVE (or APPLY) AGAIN
  16. Now go back and write your article.
    Hit SAVE FREQUENTLY so as not to lose your work. The system will time out in 30 minutes if you wait too long without saving.
    Keep a copy offline for future reference.
  17. Use only the default font and size. Bold, italicize as desired
  18. If you QUOTE OR LINK to WIKIPEDIA, make note of anything you have discovered that is conspicuously MISSING from Wikipedia. Let me know, and I will update Wikipedia (or you can do it yourself). 

To Create a Link: You must include links as appropriate to any resources.

  • Highlight the appropriate text.
  • Click the chain link icon above.
  • Enter the full URL of the link. (it's always best to copy the link from the destination web page ands paste it here - to avoid possible typos)
  • Target: Select Open in New Window_blank

Insert Images

  • At this point, for any images you want to include, just make a link(s) to it (them).
  • Do NOT embed any images.
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