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QU201 Prof. Scott Leone

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Massachusetts - Mohegan's

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Massachusetts means “by the range of hills”

The Indian tribes that originated in Massachusetts were the Wampanoag, Mohegan, and Mohican.  The Wampanoag’s inhabited most of eastern Massachusetts and the islands.  The Mohegan inhabited the middle and the Mohicans inhabited all of western Massachusetts.


Mohegan comes from the Mohegan word meaning wolf.  After Europeans settled in America many of the Indian tribes lost so many members that eventually they were forced to merge in order to survive.  It is believed that the Pequot, Sinnecock, Marragansett, and Montauk Indians were all originally of their own tribes, but then once disease and warfare killed most of their members they were forced to merge and dubbed the name Mohegan’s.

Today most of the surviving Mohegan’s live in Connecticut, Long Island, and Rhode Island.  Most of the people still in these tribes have a mixed heritage due to the merge caused by the British in early American history.


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