Foundations of America

QU201 Prof. Scott Leone

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Mount Grey Lock

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Mount Greylock is located in the Mohican territory in western Massachusetts (Berkshires).  It is the first wilderness state park, as well as being the highest point in Massachusetts.  In 1932 a Veterans war memorial was built on the highest peak of Mount Greylock and is still there today.  The memorial was dedicated in June of 1933 as a symbol of the bravery, self-sacrifice, loyalty, and endurance shown by the men and woman of the armed forces in both the state of Massachusetts and the nation as a whole.  The name may come from a few different sources.  One hypothesis is that the name comes from the Missisquois chief, Gray Lock who distinguished himself by leading raids into parts of Vermont and western Massachusetts.  Another hypothesis is that is it named after the gray cloud or “lock of gray mist” at the head of the mountain.


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