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Home Quinnipiac Tribal Place Names Cayuga River (the great swamp)

Cayuga River (the great swamp)

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The Cayuga River is just under 40 miles long and about 1.7 miles in average width located in Ithaca, New York. It is popular for boating and fishing for trout. Known as one of New York's largest Finger Lakes, the Cayuga River was home to "The People of the Great Swamp" which is a group of the original five members of the Haudenosaunee, "people of the longhouse." Up until 1613, the Cayugan People lived in peace alone and had ceremonies praising the moon and various fruits such as strawberries and harvest to help for a prosperous season. In 1613, a treaty was signed between the Haudensaunee and the Dutch Settlers which established a relationship with the two people.


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