Foundations of America

QU201 Prof. Scott Leone

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Final Paper Topic

My idea for the final paper topic is to write about your environment and how it has effected you. There are many resources that are available in our home towns and at Quinnipiac University for students to build and create themselves as individuals. It is important to realize where you came from and how that has helped you become the individual that you are. Without your surroundings it would not be possible to possess the opinions you have or take part in the activities that have caused you to stand for something. Therefore, I think it is important to engage your surroundings and take advantage of what is around you. I feel that this paper topic will help everyone to realize how they developed as individuals and how they could continue to grow by utilizing the sources around them. People could touch on current events or major things that have occurred in the community that have changed their opinions as well. I feel that this is an important topic because not only do you get to investigate how you grew as a person but you can evaluate yourself and see where there are opportunities for further growth as well. 


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