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Lake Wallenpaupack

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Lake Wallenpaupack

  Lake Wallenpaupack is a reservoir which is located in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. It was created in 1926 by the Pennsylvania Power and Light Company for hydroelectric power. The Lenape Indians named the area "Wallenpaupack" which means "The Stream of Swift and Slow Water." In order to create the lake, the dam was constructed on Wallenpaupack Creek at Wilsonville. The land of Wilsonville and the surrounding area in the valley was purchased by PPL with most of the property razed or moved. Some houses remained, and as the valley was flooded the water was so clear that you could see the houses under the water. Seventeen miles of roads and telephone poles were rerouted, and one cemetery had to be relocated. The former town of Wilsonville now lies under the water near the dam. Lake Wallenpaupack is a center of recreation for the surrounding communities, providing boating, swimming, and fishing access in the summertime. Its wooded shoreline also provides opportunities for hiking and viewing wildlife. The lake is 13 miles long, has 52 miles of shoreline, and is about 60 feet deep at its maximum depth.


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