Foundations of America

QU201 Prof. Scott Leone

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Home Quinnipiac Tribal Place Names Shackamaxon Village

Shackamaxon Village

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       Shackamaxon was a village that was located along the Delaware River. The Lenape Indians used this area as a camping ground on the banks of the river. The reason for this spot was the abundant fish and game that the Lenapes found. Soon Dutch explorers found the same abundance in the 1600’s and the village was built.In 1682, William Penn reportedly signed a treaty with the leaders of the Delaware village under an ancient elm tree. The legendary elm tree marking the spot of the meeting blew down in a storm in 1810. Today the location of that tree has been turned into a small park for memorial, its called the Penn Treaty Park. In the 19th century, the territory of Shackamaxon was developed as part of the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia.



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