Foundations of America

QU201 Prof. Scott Leone

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Home Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives

By the end of the second-level seminar, students will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • understand and appreciate the cultures of the pluralistic American community, including dominant and other American cultural traditions in a way that articulates an appreciation for difference in all its forms;
  • critically examine what it means to assume a role of informed citizenship and leadership in the United States of America;
  • use information resources for quantitative and qualitative research and inquiry in critical examinations of major themes and concepts that structure American life;
  • use evidence to develop and evaluate positions regarding topics covered in the seminar, including historical, political, literary and cultural perspectives;
  • make plausible interpretations and express informed opinions about topics covered in the seminar and communicate well in written and oral form.

The shared material lays the groundwork for attaining the learning objectives. 


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