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QU201 Prof. Scott Leone

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Home Architects

Architectural firms, past and present, favoring Stony Creek granite.

A partial list of Architects includes:

Allen & DeYoung
Arbonies King Vlock, PC - Stony Creek, CT
Balmori, Diana (present day)

Batterson, James G. - Hartford, CT 1823-1901

Burnham, Daniel

Cass Gilbert
Chester Lindsey
Chester Lindsey Churchill
Clinton & Russell
Daniel Burnham
Douglas Orr
Goldstein Parha & Labouisse
Hopkins & Dentz
Hutchins & French
James Gamble Rogers
Joseph Gregory McGann
Kilham Hopkins Greeley & Brodee
MacMonnies, Frederick
McKenzie Voorhees & Gmelin
McKim Mead & White
Olmsted, Frederick Law
Pelli, Cesar New Haven, CT (present day)
Philip Johnson
Platt, Charles Adams
Roche, Kevin (present day)
Richard Morris Hunt
Bulfinch Richardson & Abbott
Shepley Routan & Coolidge
Shreve  Lamb & Harmon
Skidmore Owings & Merrill
Warren & Wetmore
York & Sawyer & John Sloan Associates

  • White, Stanford   ( 0 Articles )

    West Point Battle Monument

  • McKim, Charles   ( 0 Articles )

    Designed renovations for the Theodore Roosevelt White House

  • Konti, Isidore   ( 0 Articles )



    Born in Vienna of Hungarian parents, Konti began his career in America working on sculptural decorations at the World's Columbian Exhibition in Chicago in early 1890s.



  • Mead, William   ( 0 Articles )
  • Cret, Paul   ( 0 Articles )

    Pan America Building, Washington, D.C.

    Completed in 1910, this building was the center of Pan_American trade and relations in its day, with President Theodore Roosevelt as the biggest advocate of the organization. Paid for by Andrew Carnegie and opened by President Taft, the building was Paul Cret's first major commission.

    Many innovations in plaster detail. Base stone not known.


  • MacMonnies, Frederick   ( 0 Articles )

    Female winged statue designed atop West Point Battle Monument

  • McKim, Mead & White   ( 0 Articles )

    The largest and most influential architectural office in America between the years of 1879-1912.

    Madison Square Garden
    Boston Public Library
    Morgan Library
    Rhode Island State Capitol
    Pennsylvania Station
    Columbia University 
    - Many University clubs
    New York University
    University of Illinois
    University of Virginia
    Buildings, laboratories and observatories, libraries, gates 
    Founded Traveling scholarship in the architecture program at Columbia.


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