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Curriculum Development
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    Here is one way to approach the research (but feel free to improvise):

    • Find the appropriate person to talk to in each of the surrounding school districts-Branford, Guilford, East Haven, and possibly New Haven. You might start with the Superintendent's office.
    • Explain that we are in the very early stages of planning a museum and would like to align our curriculum offerings with the schools' requirements. We would target social studies and geology primarily, but might expand into other areas such as art, language arts, and sciences (e.g. marine biology and coastal resources).
    • Find out at which grade levels these subjects are taught in each of the school districts. In other words, which grade levels should we try to target?
    • Then ask about teacher professional development. What kinds of programs would they prefer? For how many hours?
    • Finally, try to find out what would make a museum-based curriculum attractive to the school district.

    If there is still time for you to fill for your service requirements, you could also research the Connecticut state curriculum standards for the topics that your contact person listed. The standards are available online.

    Pat McGlashan

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    Geology Curriculum Development

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    Social Studies Curriculum Development

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    Ecology and Coastal Resources

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    Marine Biology Curriculum Development

  • Teacher Training   ( 0 Articles )

    Teacher training and professional development: What kinds of programs would they prefer? For how many hours?


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