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1. Depew Memorial Fountain
(Stony Creek Granite Sites/Monuments & Parks)
Depew Memorial Fountain is a freestanding fountain located in the center of University Park in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was built between 1913 and 1919 in memory of Richard J. Depew. After Depew’s death ...
2. The Statue of Liberty
(Stony Creek Granite Sites/Monuments & Parks)
... complete on August 11th, 1885.   Architect Richard Morris Hunt designed the base’s structure. In April 1886, the pedestal construction was finished. The pedestal was fifty-three feet long and was eighty-nine ...
3. The Battle Monument at West Point
(Stony Creek Granite Sites/Monuments & Parks)
... construct their vision for the dedication to the fallen soldiers. The committeeevaluated many architects and design plans to find the plan which fit their vision perfectly.  Architects like Richard Morris ...
4. Statue of Liberty
(Stony Creek Granite Sites/Monuments & Parks)
... as donations began to pile up from people all throughout the country.   TheUnited States, now possessing sufficient funds to accomplish their end of the bargain, turned to Richard Morris Hunt, a renowned ...
5. Master List of Sites
(Stony Creek Granite Sites/Master List of Sites)
...    Boston MA Shepley Bulfinch Richardson & Abbott     New England Conservatory of Music   Boston MA Kilham Hopkins Greeley & Brodee     South Terminal Station ...
6. Architects
... Cesar New Haven, CT (present day)Philip JohnsonPlatt, Charles AdamsRoche, Kevin (present day)Richard Morris HuntShepley Bulfinch Richardson & AbbottShepley Routan & CoolidgeShreve  Lamb & ...


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